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An Introduction to Calangute Beach

Calangute is Goa's most busiest tourist destination. The beautiful beach located here is quite popular amongst tourists. For those who love a holiday of sun, sand, and beach, Calangute is the perfect destination. Apart from experiencing the pristine beaches there are several water sports and adventure activites that one can be a part of.

About Calangute

Origin of the name

The small town of Calangute is located in the North of Goa.The town derives its name from the word 'Koli-gutti' which means land of the fishermen. Some people, however, think that this town derives its name from the word 'Konvallo-ghott', meaning a strong pit of coconut trees. This can be considered true as the town is filled with coconut trees. After the arrival of the Portugese in Goa, the town got its present name of  'Calangute'. Calangute boasts of having the largest beach in North Goa. This attracts tourists from various parts of the country and around the world thus making it the 'Queen of Beaches' in the state of Goa.

History of Calangute

Ancient Indian History suggests that Calangute was first an integral part of the Mauryan Dynasty. The age can be dated back to the early third century. Later on when the Satavahanas captured the entire region of Kolhapur, Calangute too came to be a part of the Satavahana rule. The Kadamba and Shilhara dynasty too briefly had its influence on this town. Much later on during the Mughal dynasty's reign, Calangute was acquired by the Mughals in 1312.

During 1469, the Sultans of Gulbarga had their dominance over the Goa region. This was then followed by the reign of Adil Shah of Bijapur. It was during his reign that the Portuguese invaded the Goan coast. Adil Shah being the ruler during this time was totally defeated by the Portuguese and the entire region was set up as a major colony of the Portuguese. Eventually, the British annexed the entire coastal region, including Calangute. Ever since, the Portuguese and British have had a major influence on the lives of the people of Calangute. Many people adopted Christianity as their religion post the foreign conquests. The culture of the people of Calangute is highly influenced by the Portuguese culture.

About Calangute

Tourist Hotspots in Calangute

As mentioned before, the Calangute beach is the most popular beach in Goa. The reason for this is that there are number of activities that one can enjoy here. For all adventure junkies and water sport enthusiasts, this is the place to be in. The beach can offer complete family entertainment. One can hire water scooters and enjoy a thrilling ride cutting through the waves. Para-sailing is also a fun activity that one can take up. The town also has many centers where one can hire a bike to ride in and around Calangute and the surrounding towns.

Administration Calangute

Calangute being located in the north of Goa, comes under the North Goa District administration. To generate better revenue, the district of North Goa is divided in various sub-divisions known as Talukas.

There are totally six talukas in North Goa. Of this, Calnagute comes under the Bardez taluka. Talukas are further divided into different revenue circles and these revenue circles are further divided into revenue sazas. A saza, which is nothing but a group of villages forms the grass root level of administration.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Calangute

A 'Talathi' is the person incharge of a saza. A group of sazas is headed by the circle-inspector. The 'Mamlatdar' is the head of a taluka.Sub-divisions are headed by the Deputy Collector and the Sub-Divisional Officer.And finally district administration is carried out by the Collector.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Calangute is a major hotspot for those on the lookout to have a happening night life. If one makes a visit to Calangute, it is a must that one must take out time to experience the night life and other entertainment that the town has to offer. The entire town is dotted with many clubs, pubs, and discotheques.Whether you are looking to have a delightful cocktail in a simple beach shack or relax in a chic trendy lounge, or groove to jazz concerts, or just dance untill dawn under a starlit sky - Calangute has it all!

The following is a list of all the clubs and discos located here

  • Club Titos: 2276154, 9527612040(Mobile)
  • Cafe La Musica: 9011754121, 9923667658
  • Club Cavala: 2276090, 2277587
  • Fahrenheit: 9820740281, 9820028121
  • Buddha Lounge: 2914222, 9899399900, 9325875444
  • 6th Sense: 6657777, 2275909

List of Pubs

  • Global Fusion: 2914103, 9822176572
  • La Musica: 9011754121
  • Red Lion Pub: 9822389014 
  • Le Coast Restaurant: 6517666
  • Leslies Molly Malones Irish Pub: 6515325
  • Log Cabin: 2279662
  • 6th Sense: 6657777
  • Gabriels Pub And Restaurant: 2279486
  • Franks Pub: 2279570
  • Tofftoffs Pub & Snack Bar: 2279555
  • Sportsmans Pub N Grub: 9822154776
  • Gris Grev Pub: 2272652
  • Mjs Pub: 9823527874

Shopping in Calangute

Shopping in Calangute can be a delightful experience for any person. There are innumerbale shops selling clothes, jewellery, souvenirs and other knick-knacks. Whether its the local flea market or the high-end fashion boutiques, Calangute plays the role of the perfect shopping destination. Calangute is also dotted with several super markets and departmental stores. One can obtain clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, cosmetics, gardening tools, toiletries, sporting goods ,and all food products from these departmental stores. Street markets are quite popular in Goa.

The Calangute Market Square is one such street market which has several shops lined up and selling all sorts of goods and commodities. Clothes, jewellery, trinkets, sea shells, yummy street food and beverage are some of the many things that are sold in the bazaar square. A weekly bazaar is held every Saturday here and one can get fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and other groceries. Calangute also has a small Tibetian market where one can buy handmade products unique to the Tibetian region. For exclusive arts and crafts from the local craftsmen, one must visit the Kerkar Art Gallery.

Supermarkets and Departmental Stores

Bardez Bazar
Opp. St. Joseph High School, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9764268702

Balaji Super Market
Sodders Landmark Baga, Titos Road, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9850990947

Lumaneicia Supermarket
G/1 Building 9/13, Kamat Holiday Homes, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2279213, 2279312

Mela Supermarket
Baga Rd, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2276490

Pradip's Supermarket
Bardez Bazzar Franchise, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9969487838
Phone: 6454579

Calangute Super Market
E/5 Bensons Complex, Calangute Market, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2276606

Menezes Super Market
Shop No 1, Cariencas Complex, Near Petrol Pump, Naika Vaddo, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9922799994
Phone: 2279993, 2279469

Newton Supermarket
Kamat Holiday Homes, Gauravaddo, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9922954086
Phone: 2275858

Babutes Super Centre
Gaurawado, Nr Kamat Holiday Homes, Bardez, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9822180789, 9850775885
Phone: 2277286, 2282215, 2282214, 2279207

Jar Raikar Department Store
Gaura Vaddo, Opposite St. Anthony Church, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2279362

AR Vengurlekar Department Store
Unique Building, Near Calangute Market, Calangute 403516
Phone: 2276116
Bombay Goa Bazar
CS-3, Bensons Complex, Calangute Market, Opposite State Bank Of India, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2497359

Tourist Supermarket
A/1, Tourist Shopping Complex, Near Bandarkar Statue, Calangute so, Goa- 403516
Phone: 2277355

Miranda Stores
Saunta Vaddo Road, Opposite Villa Fatima, Calangute so, Goa- 403516
Phone: 2277589

Blends Foodstock
Gaura Vaddo, Near Tarcar Ice Factory, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2279585

Sheenata Enterprises
Sunbeam Apartment, Cobravaddo, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2277207

Pitruchhaya General Store
Simplex Chambers, Near GM Travel Agency, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2276657

Shopping Centres and Malls

Valanka Shopping Center
Beyond Smiles Dental Care Center, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2282662

Food in Calangute

Food is big business in Calangute. Calangute offers a variety of cuisines to the tourists who visit here. Be it typical Goan food with seafood specialities, or Portugese cuisine or typical Konkani food or be it the Pizzas and burgers, the little town of Calangute has something to offer to everyone. Food without fish is incomplete in Calangute. Being a coastal town, the fresh seafood that is cooked and served in most restaurants here, will never fail to impress customers.

The Portugese are considered to have introduced the usage of potatoes, tomatoes, pineapples, cashewnuts etc to the Indians.The Vindaloo, Balchao, Xacuti, Sorpotel are unique Goan curries. Bebinca is a very famous Goan pudding.While these are all specialities of the Goan Catholics, the Goan Hindus have their own unique style of cooking. Even though the Hindu community also consumes seafood, the preparation methods are completely different and have their origin from the typical Indian way of cooking.

Usage of tamarind, kokum, jaggery, fenugreek, curry leaves, mustard, lentils and coconut is quite essential in the Goan Hindu way of cooking. Apart from these two major varieties of cuisines, Mexican and all sorts of Continental dishes are also available to try in Calangute. Thus, there is no way that foreign tourists can go unhappy from Calangute. There are innumerable Continental restaurants that dot the town. Grills, steaks, barbequed meat is available in plenty.

Bakeries in Calangute

Monginis The Cake Shop   
Shop No 24, Simplex Chambers, Phase - 2, Umtavaddo, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2281020

Infantaria Bakery
Baga Junction, Near St John Chappel, Baga Road, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9922202526
Phone: 3291290

Bread and More
Shop No 19/20 Kamat Holiday Home, Gaurawado, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2281755

National Bakery
Gaura Vaddo, Bardez, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9823967877
Phone: 2277564, 2262373, 2264021

Sagar Sweets and Dry Fruits
Shop No-9, Tinto Complex, Bardez, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9860386883
Phone: 2257392, 6519687

Wine Shops in Calangute

Pearl Wine Shop
Bensons Complex, Calangute Market, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2277202

Rose Enterprises
Opp Petrol Pump (Porba Vaddo), Calangute- 403517
Mobile: 9049986153

Sunita Wines
Near Tourist Hotel, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9422438943
Phone: 2276128

National Wines
Sea Plaza, Parking Lot, Near Calangute Beach, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2275046

Superking wine
Hotel sunflower, Near calangute parking, Umtavado, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 8698225186
Phone: 2281209

Coffee Shops in Calangute

Mocha Coffees & Conversations
Ground Floor, Jerrisa Paradise Building, Plot No 6/84a, Cobra Vaddo, Bardez,
Next To Union Bank, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 8007803828

Cafe De Goa
Red Tower, Orchid Villa, Calangute- 403516
Phone: 2279961

Treat Cafe
C/O Azzure By Spree Hotels, House No 2/16 A, Near St Alex Church,
Naika Vaddo, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9850305199, 9850305193
Phone: 2267900

Augustinos Sports Cafe
1st Flr, Opp Titos 1st Flr, Baga Beach, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9850460794
Phone: 3292905

Gup Shup Coffee Shop
C/O Hotel Sea Castle, Near Monginis Cake Shop & Calangute Circle,
Umta Vaddo, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 7507806206, 8655060777, 8689894747
Phone: 2275196

Time Out
C/O Nizmar Resort, Naikawaddo, Bardez, Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9922938384
Phone: 6657777

Cafe Coffee Day
C/O Sunshine Beach Resort, Baga,
Calangute- 403516
Mobile: 9371502961

Cafe Coffee Day
Inside Vanessa Theatre Shopping Cmplx,
Near Calangute Circle,
Calangute- 403516

Sea Food Restaurants

A Caravela
Hotel Goan Heritage, Calangute.
Phone:276120, 276253.

Hotel Linda, Baga Rd, Calangute.
Phone: 276066, 276599, 279102, 279685

Bay Inn Bar & Restaurant
Umta Vaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 277975

Cavala Seaside Restaurant
Saunta Vaddo, Baga, Calangute.
Phone: 276090, 277587

Cool Cat Rest. & Pub
Osborne Holiday Resorts, Nr. St Anthony's Chapel, Gauravaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 276485, 263260, 263298

Dia Noite - Aldeia Bello Holiday Homes
Cobravaddo, Baga, Calangute.
Phone: 276840/41

Go Bananas Beach Restaurant
Nr Villa Goesa, Cobravaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 275488

Have More
Hotel Dona Terezinha, Gauravaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 277335

Hotel Cap's Corner
Near Black Orchid, Cobra Vaddo, Baga, Calangute.
Phone: 276533

Hotel Golden Eye
Near Black Orchid, Cobra Vaddo, Baga, Calangute.
Phone: 276533

Kingstork Bar & Restaurant
Gaura Vaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 276461

Klinsen's Bar & Restaurant
Near Villa Goesa Hotel, Calangute Beach.
Phone: 275488

Meat N Loaf
Beira Mar Alfran Resorts, Saunta Vaddo, Baga Rd, Calangute.
Phone: 276246

Mississippi Rest. & Pub
Osborne Holiday Resorts, Nr St Anthony's Chapel, Calangute.
Phone: 276485/263260/263298

Mr Cater's
Calangute beach.
Phone: 276861

Old Barrel Rest. & Pub
Osborne Holiday Resorts, Nr St Anthony's Chapel, Calangute.
Phone: 276485/263260/263298

Old Jardim
Hotel Linda, Baga Rd, Calangute.
Phone: 276066/276599/279102/279685

Alor Holiday Resort, Poriat, Naika Vaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 277214/16/17

Salt N Pepper
Resorte de Tio Carmino, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 277016

Sand Dunes Ondas Do Mar
Gaura Vaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 277526

Susegado Dunes Brisa Leisure Resorts
Naikavaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 279036

Ticlo Resorts
Opp Calangute Assn, Calangute-Baga Rd, Calangute.
Phone: 277687

Top Gear Rest. & Pub
Osborneoliday Resorts, Nr St Anthony's Chapel, Gauravaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 276485/263260/263298

Toto Resorte de S Antonio
Opp St Anthony's Chapel, Calangute.
Phone: 276445

Villa Bomfim Bar & Rest
Baga Rd, Calangute.
Phone: 279384/85

Goan Restaurants

Bernard's Place
Cobra Vaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 276712

Hotel Souza Lobo.
Calangute Beach.
Phone: 276463

Portuguese Restaurants

Casa Portuguesa
Baga, Calangute.
Phone: 277024

Continental Cuisine

Domingo's Restaurant
Saunta Vaddo, Baga.

O' Pescador Rest. & Pub
Cobravaddo, Calangute.
Phone: 279447

The Ronil Royale
Saunta Vaddo,
Baga, Calangute.
Phone: 276183

Pure Vegetarian Restaurants

The Plantain Leaf
Nr Petrol Pump,
Almita-all, Calangute.
Phone: 276861

Anand Sagar
Naikavadddo, Opp: Tangarine Resort,
Mobile: 9860386883

Krishna Hotel
Add to trip
Calangute-Baga Rd,

Om Pure Veg Restaurant
13 Calangute Beach Road
Umta Vaddo,
Mobile: 9975234524

Athithi Pure Veg Restaurant
Opposite Calangute Panchayat Office,
Mobile: 9923177226

Jiyas Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
Shop no.1,2,3&14,Vanessa theatre complex,
Beach road,near old petrol pump,
Mobile: 9765599922

Mexican Restaurant

Green Bar & Restaurant
Elnish Golden Sands Resort, Calangute.
Phone: 276885

How to reach Calangute

Calangute is well connected from different parts of Goa and the country as well. Being a tourist hotspot, getting to the town here is very easy. The Dabolim Airport or the Goa International Airport is the airport with the closest proximity to Calangute. It is located 20Kms from Calangute. From the airport, one can get to Calangute either by taking the local bus or hiring a prepaid taxi. There are more than enough buses and taxis plying up and down this route. So getting to Calangute from the airport is completely hassle-free.

Pre-paid taxis have a fixed rate for the particular route. While bus rates can cost a maximum of 15 Rupees, depending on the route taken by the bus. As the roads are in good condition, the time taken to reach Calangute will be not more than half-an hour from the airport.

The nearest train station is located in a town called Thivim. Taking a taxi from here will take one around 20 minutes to get to Calangute. Although Thivim is the nearest station to Calangute, most of the trains arriving from far-off places do not stop here. One has to alight-off at Madgaon and then make further arrangements to reach Calangute from there. Once at Madgaon, which is at 45Kms from Calangute one can take a rickshaw, taxi or the local bus from here to get to Calangute.

Calangute is 15.8 kms from Panjim the capital city of Goa. Calangute is 44.4 Kms from Madgaon, which is the nearest train junction.

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